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Who We Help

TLC supports and cares for clients living across many parts of Greater London, and nationally in some cases – each with their own unique lifestyle and community. We’re proud to send our expert team members into the homes of these individuals, knowing that their care experience and training equips them to make a genuine difference.

Our service has been drawn up as an add on to other palliative care teams and hospices often involved in the person’s end-of-life care.

  • 24 hr Support from us, enabling the service user’s freedom of choice and flexibility
  • The TLC Care Services team work in collaboration with community palliative care teams, other specialists from the multidisciplinary team as well as family and friends
  • With years of experience we aspire to add life to days and enable clients and their families to fulfil their choices
  • As part of the training our staff learn and discuss differing cultural needs of clients and practice at end of life
  • We are delighted by ensuring we provide people the highest standard of care and support possible; we make this concept a reality by employing the best people, providing them with the best support and training and by adopting a collaborative approach to the provision of services
  • Our highly dedicated staff have a desire for making a difference to the lives of the people we support – alongside our robust induction training our team also complete our specialist End Of Life Care training and are continuously mentored and supported